Handmade Velvetleaf Rollerball Pen


Unique Item No. 0580


This handcrafted rollerball pen was made by mixing the dried seed pods of a Velvetleaf plant into purple resin.  The cured resin was cut into blocks and turned round on the lathe by hand. Once cut to perfect diameter, ten coats of cyanoacrylate were applied and the pen was polished to a glass shine. The metal components are gold plated. 


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Unique Item No. 0580

I mixed dried velvetleaf seed pods into purple resin to make this handcrafted rollerball pen.  I cut the cured resin into blocks and turned it round on the lathe by hand. Once cut to perfect diameter, I applied ten coats of cyanoacrylate and polished the pen to a glass shine. The metal components are gold plated. 

Ink Refill

This pen uses rollerball style refills.  I recommend the Schmidt 5888 ink refills (Amazon Affiliate Link), which are widely available through Amazon and other retailers. To change the ink refill, simply unscrew the metal section underneath the cap, and mind not to misplace the spring.

Gift Box

Each of my handmade pens comes in a stylish Ink & Timber gift box.


Please understand that there is a $4.50 charge automatically applied when ordering this product. However, if you are going to be in the State College area, please leave a note that you would like to pick the item up, and I will refund the shipping charge and make arrangements with you for in-person pick up.

Unique Item

This Handmade Velvetleaf Rollerball Pen is a unique, one of a kind, handmade item. Only one is available to order and it will be the exact item in the photos. If you wish to purchase a second similar item, please contact me to discuss the other wood samples I have in my inventory.

Backorder Available

If you don’t see the item that you were hoping to purchase listed here, please contact me. I may be out of stock on a particular item, but could make a similar one for you if I have the materials on hand (I try to keep materials on hand). It would take about 2 weeks to complete an item and get it ready for mailing or pickup once payment has been completed. Thanks!

Velvetleaf Rollerball Pen
#0580 – Velvetleaf Rollerball Pen
Weight 2.08 oz
Dimensions 5 × .5625 in

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